Tuesday, December 9, 2008

For best results, spray directly towards eyes

1. The most important thing of all: we have t-shirts! And other junk.

Pandamonium cafepress store.

2. Our car has a shiny new rollcage, courtesy of the awesome guys at TC Design.

TC's cages are this good:

The driver was unhurt. The cage was certified intact following the crash, and this car went on to qualify, compete in, and finish a 25Hr endurance race.

Sunday afternoon we painted the cage (and Laz) appliance-enamel white. A few painting tips:
  • for best results, always paint in the dark.
  • for good coverage on the backs of the bars, spray paint directly towards face.
  • acetone removes appliance enamel buildup from the eyelids, at least enough to allow you to reopen your eyes
  • eye protection is for losers.

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