Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The sky is, clearly, the limit

Now that we're gearing up for Reno, it seems like a good time to recap T-Hill. Vital stats:

Finished: 78th place (of 114 teams)
Total laps: 168 (winner total: 335)
Best lap: 1:37.456 (best in race: 1:31.474, by Blues Bros Racing after their backhoe-provided on-site weight reduction.)
Total tows: 7
Miscellaneous casualties: Laz's ankle, which has not been quite the same since.

So, we were fast, and finished more than half the race! (Win!) However, it was only .5 laps more than half. (Lose!)

We figure this leaves plenty of room for improvement at Reno. A wide-open field, as it were.

We regret to inform that our arch-nemesises, Team Unsafe At Any Speed, finished 54th with 249 laps. Clearly, this is because they cheated.

They did, however, swing by to collect their specified stakes, an 18-yr Macallen. And we are happy to report that it was only moderately delicious.

When we kick your asses at Reno, we'd like to request a Glenfarclas 15 or better.

Reno here we come

We've been officially accepted to the Reno event. I'm happy to report that the application process is less stressful the 2nd time around.

In between now and then, Ling Ling should get some electrical TLC. She will make a shake down appearance at the April 3rd TEAM Racing track day at ThunderHill. In addition to the usual "beat on the car to break everything we can before the actual race" strategy, the plan is to find some poor intermediate group driver, stick to their bumper, and do some "simulated yellow" laps to see if we've cured our electrical ailments.

In the team gossip category, some of the Pandamonium Racing crew have spun up their own turbo minivan team to go for the glory. See Mysteries Inc Racing for some details.

Friday, March 13, 2009


In what can only be described as a lapse of judgement, we have applied to race in another 24Hrs of LeMons event: GOIN' FOR BROKEN 2009

We've done nothing to the car since the last race, except strip borrowed safety equipment out of it. The car looks much like it did at ThunderHill:

Rob vows to continue frowning until all electrical gremlins are found.

Also, to our friends at Team Unsafe: are you prepared for round 2?