Friday, March 25, 2011

Infineon friday!

It is bright and wet and early at Infineon raceway. Pandamonium is here with a minimal Panda/Mysteries Inc combined team - Laz, Rob, Jinnah, and me (Astrid).

note: Laz and Rob want you to know that if Ling Ling is being passed, it's me or Jinnah driving. Not them.

Today is also a Ferrari challenge test day, so the paddock this morning is half full of ratty lemons cars, and half full of Ferrari 18-wheeler car carriers. The Ferrari challenge experience comes with hordes of attendants in matching black jackets to push and wax and prep, and a support 18-wheeler full of tires. The Lemons experience comes with a spare radiator and a slide hammer to pull out last race's body damage, and cold pizza.

Though I was looking forward to barreling into a challenge Ferrari on my first ever lap at Infineon, it turns out we're in different run groups. Sad!


  1. I passed Ling Ling in the last two hours of Saturday. It was Jinnah.

    In the last ~2 hours of Sunday, I couldn't even get close. Oleg said, "whoever was driving Ling Ling was driving like his hair was on fire." Was that Laz?

  2. The sunday driver line up was:
    start-12: astrid
    12-2:30: laz
    2:30-finish: rob

    It's all about the driver, especially at Infineon.