Monday, November 16, 2009

arse freeze apalooza?

aaaaaand we're back.

We were accepted for the Arse Freeze Apalooza event that takes place this weekend ... but we didn't really get much done til last weekend. This was partially due to panda procrastination, and partially due to this stuff.

After the Reno race, Ling Ling went into outdoor storage and sat

and sat

and sat

'til Saturday. Pop the key in the ignition, and she fired right up.

On Sunday, we got her up on jack stands and she passed her check up with flying colors. We originally had planned to replace the bushings in the rear of the car due to a suspension clunk at Reno. The bushings looked ok, and there was no noticeable play, so we looked elsewhere.

Hey, why's that front swaybar endlink broken? Think that could make some noise? 1 pick n pull end link later, and we're mostly ready for ThunderHill.

Next up: some new fluids, a bath, 2 3 4 coats of wax, and maybe a front aero element to balance out that big ass wing.

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