Thursday, January 1, 2009

the media of arse freeze apalooza

There's quite a bit of internet coverage on the race, some of which actually mentions Pandamonium Racing. For example, we're one of the "top 20 coolest cars" on Autofiends.

I've also put together a highlight reel from our in car footage:

Arse Freeze Apalooza Jackass Highlight Reel from Adam Lazur on Vimeo.

A friend of our friends Team Unsafe posted a video of us being towed:

Which prompted me to upload a video to YouTube, only to mark it as a "video response". I hope this transgression does not harm our Vimeo sponsorship deal. The video got some people upset, and I can't help myself when they bait me in the comments.

In another movie, you can see Ling Ling zip by at the end of this video:

I was driving since this was 10 or so laps after the start of the race. I had both E30's in my sights when Porcubimmer snuck by the bronzit bmw e30 and promptly spun 1 turn later. I think the spin freaked out the bronzit car driver, because he pointed me by a turn later.

Finally, here are a coupla photo galleries with Pandamonium pics from the race:

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