Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's on

I've always been blabbing to anyone who will listen about the 24Hrs of LeMons.

A few months ago a coworker told me about meeting a YouTube guy who was also doing LeMons. He said he mentioned that I was thinking about running the race to the YouTuber, who then began the smack talk about how his team would beat my unborn team.

A panda never forgets.

Fastforward a few months:
From: laz
To: Mike
Subject: LeMons wager?

Hey Mike,

I've never met you, and don't know what heap of junk you're going to
be driving, but my team will handily finish above yours at the 24Hrs
of LeMons.

I will back this assertion with a wager: 1 bottle of 18yr whiskey or
equivalent spirits. The "loser" buys the "winner" 1 bottle, to be
presented at Whiskey Thursday (regular thursday festivities in MtView)
in January sometime.


Mike responded:
very well, sir, i accept. to the victor go the spoils!
I sussed out some other details. They're driving a '65 Corvair. Their blog is at Go check it out, I bet you'll fall over laughing.

I look forward to drinking some victory booze.


  1. Umm, laz, I think it's the elephant that never forgets.... not the panda LOL!

  2. I thought the idea was that you'd have to be drunk to want to enter the race, not if you win!


  3. Gentlemen,

    Team Unsafe did not respond to your taunts prior to the race. Nor did we respond to the Vimeo sticker prominently displayed on your car. We accepted your challenge, even through you had a sponsored E30 and we had a junkyard Corvair. This is because we are the kind of racers who prefer to have our performance on the track speak for us.

    You had the technically superior car but you forgot that LeMons is, above all else, an endurance race. While we were turning laps on the track, you were... well...

    Our team prefers the Macallan 18yr Cask Strength, but any single malt will do. We look forward to drinking with you.

    -Team Unsafe At Any Speed
    "Most Likely To Go Home In An Ambulance"
    LeMons Thunderhill '08